Tuesday, January 29, 2008

President Hinckley

This was a hard weekend. I had just put my jammies on and got ready for bed when I decided to turn on the TV and found out about President Hinckley's passing. I admit I cried for quite some time. I know that so many others feel the same way - I felt like I had such a personal connection with our Prophet. I will never forget the first experience I had meeting him. Back in high school, with the Madrigal Choir, we would go down to Temple Square every year. My dad had arranged it so we would sing on the steps inside the Church Office Buildings. I remember we were in the middle of a song when this amazing feeling, an amazing Spirit, started welling up inside. Sooner than we knew it, most of the choir was crying because of that same Spirit. President Hinckley had entered the room and was standing there, listening to us. He spent the time to joke and talk with us and then left, but it left us shaking. And I remember feeling that exact same spirit every time I would hear him and see him speak at Conference. I truly have such a testimony that he was truly a man of God and called of Him to direct us. I am happy that he is with his wife, but what a loss. And I hope I will never, ever, EVER forget that same spirit that he always helped me to feel.


Jackie said...

It was Away in A Manger...I still remember it so vividly. And I remember all of us saying how we never wanted to do anything wrong because of how we felt that day. And I like you had that same feeling every time I heard him speak. The Spirit moved me to tears every time. I am so grateful for that experience that allowed my testimony of the prophet to be strengthened 10 fold. Tell your dad thank you for doing that because it has forever blessed my life.

The Wettstein Family said...

I ditto your feelings.