Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life in a Bathrobe

Here are pictures of my new tiled kitchen that I love. Why am I posting these pictures now?? Because I'm in my fuzzy purple bathrobe. I never pegged myself as a bathrobe kind of girl... I used to think they were for hairy-legged, hairy-chinned, hair-netted old ladies. But not anymore. I love my bathrobe!! And I better get used to it because I am on a two week leave from work to heal from some complications I've had. So I am trying to use this time to admire my new tile and to think of my life. I have realized, as I sit here with anxiety about what is happening at the court without me, that I put too much into work and need to put more into me. Work is not what matters - I need to get back to life!! So I'm trying to enjoy my bathrobe days the best I can. And since I can't post pictures of myself, I'll post them of my kitchen. We tore out and built this kitchen from the ground up and I am pretty dang proud!!
This is the view from the office. Jake tiled the kitchen first and he let Rob & Brandon help. Somehow, they probably just got into mud-fights and belly scratching contests, because when it was done it looked like a 3 year old had tiled. We had to unfortunately tear it out and we hired Jake's friend Jason to come in. He did an amazing job. I love my floor, I could kiss it!
So there you have it - pictures I promised over two months ago. I guess bathrobe girls don't have too much else to take pictures of!! :)



Anonymous said...

This might be weird but I just joined the blog world and ran into yours. I just had to at least say hi. It sounds like your health isn't great! I feel bad! Life is hard to enjoy when youre chronically sick!!
You should post more pics of your house. I love what I saw! It looks gorgeous. I love the paint colors. It's kind of a hooby of mine. I am not very good, but I like a pretty house!
Anyhow, I hope you can find some relief soon!
Jacque (Evans) Rupp

The Wettstein Family said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your tile. If I had a house, I would steal your tile and put it in mine. Enjoy it while you can!! Can I come and veg with you? Seriously, what complications are you talking about? You need to stop being sick or I'll have to take that sick and roundhouse kick it into another demension! I miss you.

Jackie said...

What a beautiful home! I would have a hard time walking on the tile because I wouldn't want to get it's like a work of art. :) And you need to stop being a sick girl...I'm so sorry. I'm glad you're taking advantage of these 2 weeks. While you're at it....get addicted to Gilmore Girls. :)

camilleandgregsorensen said...

It looks amazing! I'm so jealous you own a house- and an amazingly beautiful one at that! It's super cool that you guys have done it yourselves!

Julie said...

I LOVE it! I'm so jealous! :) I have no excuse to just hang out in a bathrobe, and I still do it. All day sometimes. Oh well! I hope that you get well soon.

Browning Buzz said...

Hey it is Curtis Browning - your old singing buddy!

We stumbled onto your blog while looking at other blogs.

Your place looks great! Love the tile!

Hope you are doing well!

Curtis and Adie:)
P.S. Check out our blog!

*C said...


Huh, I never thought bathrobe were just for hairy legged and chinned women, but I guess that explains why I'm always in one. ha ha.

...I love your house! It looks great!! I need to see it in person. While you're taking sometime off of work, would you like a visitor? After all I'm homeless and also jobless too, for the time being, and could use an excuse to get out of my robe.