Saturday, February 2, 2008

We all need a Vacation!

I've been sitting like an old lady in a rocker lately and reflecting on the things that make me happy in life. There are SO many and I too often forget my blessings.
I realized this week one thing that I will always live for is a VACATION. I love travelling - I love vacations - I love everything about it!! I like staying in all kinds of hotel rooms, from the Hilton to some scary super 8 where I know dead bodies hide. I love meeting the strange people and eating weird food and I love the long airpline rides or car trips. Jake and I have been so blessed in the three years we've been together to have some unforgettable vacations.

One of the most fun ones was pretty close to home when about 9 months ago we decided to just get away. We drove up past Boise and stayed at this little Victorian hotel and went water-rafting and hiking. Check me out in my hot wet suit. Rarrrr.

Yeah, I don't know that all albinos went out in the sun like me :)
This is in front of the hotel. This weird fish was sitting in the middle of the road. I think this made us laugh for several hours. The thing about Jake and I is that it doesn't take a lot to get entertained..
I know it looks like I'm pooping but I think I was just .... squatting?? (What's WRONG with me?)

Also this year we were fortunate enough to be asked to 'chaperone' Dad's choir trip to Southern California. I think Dad thought I would use my Probation officer skills to do some beating. No, it was a vacation and we weren't much of what you'd consider 'chaperones.' Jake got the kids cited in riots and even had a sugar-packet eating contest. I also tried to pimp out my little sister Carrie and embarrass her as often as I could. It was an awesome trip. We went through Vegas, Sea World, San Diego, and even stayed in the Embassy Suites. I hope he'll ask us to 'chaperone' again but the riots might have been a bad idea...

Me with Carrie. so cute!!! And date-able. She's 16!!

And of course I've already posted this but my favorite vacation of them all this year has been to Switzerland. It was so neat to spend a week in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I just want to say I'm grateful for America - for the food, the toilets, the non-spitting language.

We have a few more vacations planned for this year that I can't wait for. In March Jake and I will be heading to New York City for a week. We are going with USU with an art history class. I decided after spending three weeks alone last summer, I'm not letting Jake take any more trips without me :) We also are hoping to join Jake's family on a church history tour this summer and then take an Oregon Coast trip of our own in the fall.

I live for this!! And if anybody else out there likes a vacation, I urge you to consider Franklin Idaho and come see us. We have some of the biggest potatoes. And trees. There's some dirt too. :)