Sunday, July 10, 2011

OOPS.....'s been a few minutes since I've blogged. Oops. I think I got sidetracked. I really thought about giving up all together for a minute, but realized my last post to be forever imprinted on everyone's memory would be about pooping. Is that what I want to be remembered for??

Maybe, a little. But first remember for my amazing, smelly, good-looking family as pictured above. Our little dude is getting CUTER. How is it that he came from... me?! No one will ever know.
We've also been a very, very busy Heaton household. Here a few things you missed:
One, we moved. We live in a HOUSE! I LOVE IT!! I can go number two in three different toilets!
Two, our first vacation since BEFORE Carter. Jake and I went to Vegas, baby, with our friends where we were the classiest people to ever meet Dick Butkus. True story. I also sinned and won 100 sin-ful dollars off of one dollar in a slot machine. I bought pancakes.
THREE - Back to school. I'm in both UVU and USU for all the pre-requisites for USU's school counseling masters program. Ahh, scary. Jake made me do it.
FOUR - Dude is getting so funny. He is talking now and his favorites words consist of 'poop', 'bum', 'turtle' and 'spandex.' WHERE did he get these from?!!
FIVE - Jake now drives a Harley. Saddest story in the world. I plan to make him repent of his evil Harley ways. I would prefer he drive a segway.
SIX - I turned... gulp... twenty-nine. It will be the last birthday I will EVER have. Twenty-nine forever, baby.
SEVEN - Nothing else, but this is my favorite number.

So if anyone is even left that happens to come across this blog, I promise to get back into blogging and talk less about poop. But I probably just lied about the poop part.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pooping Sounds

Okay, you crazy three ladies that still read my blog...or just stare at it because you've lost your minds AND your pants.... we've been busy here at the Heatons.
We had an awesome Christmas with a sometimes-Satanic-little child. He went a little crazy.
Carter has gotten even more crazy with all his toddler shennanigans. When he isn't busy drinking toilet water (yep, still obsessed with that thing), throwing balls at our heads, unlocking the front door and running half naked outside (or is that Jake?), screaming 'HAYY DUDE!!!', he is pooping. He has started his own cult... of pooping sounds. Geez, people, what is wrong with boys and all this number two business? I swear the kid goes 18 times per day.
He has been eating us out of house and home and we go through several thousand diapers per week. Good thing Jake got a new job after his company closed in November. We can afford more diapers....and tranquilizer... I mean... vegetables.
Oh yeah. And before all that happened, Carter turned one. He even had an awesome Pirate Party that I never posted about. Must be all that tranquilizer.... I mean...vegetables.

Things are luckily looking a LOT better this rocking 2011. Jake starts an awesome new position tomorrow, I'm back in school with my Justin Bieber notebook, I love my job, I love my boys, I love my friends, I love deodorant...and I've got a poopy diaper to change.