Sunday, July 10, 2011

OOPS.....'s been a few minutes since I've blogged. Oops. I think I got sidetracked. I really thought about giving up all together for a minute, but realized my last post to be forever imprinted on everyone's memory would be about pooping. Is that what I want to be remembered for??

Maybe, a little. But first remember for my amazing, smelly, good-looking family as pictured above. Our little dude is getting CUTER. How is it that he came from... me?! No one will ever know.
We've also been a very, very busy Heaton household. Here a few things you missed:
One, we moved. We live in a HOUSE! I LOVE IT!! I can go number two in three different toilets!
Two, our first vacation since BEFORE Carter. Jake and I went to Vegas, baby, with our friends where we were the classiest people to ever meet Dick Butkus. True story. I also sinned and won 100 sin-ful dollars off of one dollar in a slot machine. I bought pancakes.
THREE - Back to school. I'm in both UVU and USU for all the pre-requisites for USU's school counseling masters program. Ahh, scary. Jake made me do it.
FOUR - Dude is getting so funny. He is talking now and his favorites words consist of 'poop', 'bum', 'turtle' and 'spandex.' WHERE did he get these from?!!
FIVE - Jake now drives a Harley. Saddest story in the world. I plan to make him repent of his evil Harley ways. I would prefer he drive a segway.
SIX - I turned... gulp... twenty-nine. It will be the last birthday I will EVER have. Twenty-nine forever, baby.
SEVEN - Nothing else, but this is my favorite number.

So if anyone is even left that happens to come across this blog, I promise to get back into blogging and talk less about poop. But I probably just lied about the poop part.


Catherine said...

I'm still here reading your blog!!!!I love it!!!

Miss Heather said...

You are SO CUTE! I love that you said you can go #2 in different bathrooms... you are a RIOT, my sister. Let's do dinner again SOON!

Katie said...

You're doing the USU School Counseling program? Awesome! I've wanted to do it for a couple years, but it's conflicted with choir. My friend just finished up and loved it. :)

Somphong and Sothea said...

FYI, 30 isn't bad.

Where did you move to? Probably not Utah County cause I know how much you dislike that place!

Cami Jo said...

What an adorable family picture! You all look so great! I loved your comment about how you didn't want people to remember your blog with "pooping.." it made me smile...especially after I saw you this weekend!

I am so jealous that you guys have your very own home...I bet it is so nice! and you are right, Carter is so so cute! Miss you guys =)

The Wettstein Family said...

Dang it! You blogged. Now I have to. Your family is so stinkin' cute. Thanks for letting me partake of your last birthday ever. Will you partake at mine? You can bring the pooper... and Carter. ;)