Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I confuse myself

OK I seriously know I have mental issues. I'm insane. And I love it.... really, besides the drooling.
First thing first - Jake and I just got back from a trip (hey, he got credit for school so it's not TOTALLY a vacation) to NYC. That will be the next post, but I have some explaining to do in this one. The above photo is my favorite one from all of New York. This bull is well known and in the financial district. Jake and I decided to be obsene. There was even a group of cops standing right next to us, apalled that instead of grabbing this bull by the place where most people do, I got a litle creative. I don't care, I'm insane. And this describes how I feel most days when I got home from work!! Anyways....

I posted on the last blog that I had been to a training that made me become worried about my blog. The training was all about the dangers and advantages of technology and the internet. So basically I got all freaked out that I could get a blog stalker, logging in to see my full name, the small town I live in, that would show up at my door and want to cook me alive and make human meat pie. Besides, I work in a job where a lot of people are not happy and could want revenge. But then I started thinking... if they're really crazy to want that kind of pie, they could find me anyways. And I thought about the benefits of having an open blog. It's easier to re-connect and find people that I haven't talked to in way too long. That is starting to outweigh my fear. So I really appreciate you sending me your email addresses. I am saving them. I will try staying public for awhile and if I get all freaked out and insane again, about my stalker craving human meat pie, I will go private....
I will also leave with this promise!! I'm no longer going to be a blogging bum. I will update oh so much now. Well..... I guess I better not make promises that I can't keep. I don't even have time to explain why life is all flipside down right now.
Remember... I'm insane.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And I'm BACK

It has been FOREVER. Life has really turned itself upside down and then over again, and a little bit sideways.
I have lots of pictures and stories, but I recently attending a securities training on some of potential dangers of blogs. I'm sure you've all heard the shhpealll (how in the heck do you spell that?) So I will be going private. I should have chosen that a long time ago, especially considering my stinkin profession, but it takes me awhile to catch on to some things.
There are a bunch of your blogs I love but don't have all your email addresses. Please send me a post if you want to be invited or hit me with an email :
I hope you want to keep in touch!! Just gotta keep this booty under wraps, yo!! :)