Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reasons to Smile

I might be alone in this, but lately I've been having a lot of days where I don't want to get out of bed. Days where I want to lay around in my bright pink sweatpants, (or maybe my spandex tights and legwarmers), watch the Price is Right, leave potato chips all over my belly, and pretend to scratch. I usually resist these urges as much as I can, seeing as how I probably would get fired really fast if I showed up in pink-potato-chip-covered pants, but some days it's hard to smile. I think it's the January blues. So I thought I would remind myself of the many reasons I have to smile today, because I need this.
Reason #1 - I am becoming the all-time cake conqueror. This means I can now bake them without them falling apart. I made this for Jake's birthday ...TA DA!

Reason #2 - Boys. I've pretty much loved boys my whole life. With six sisters, you sometimes can get tired of girls really fast. (But I LOVE YOU ALL). I never thought I could get a boy to stand to be around me all day, let alone forever..... but I guess I did. And a cute one! (I was very sneaky... I underestimate my own sneakiness). He also came in a package deal where I now have several bro-in-laws. My sisters also tricked some other boys into submission. Now instead of discussions revolving around hairspray and bra padding, we get to listen to things about werewolves, cars, burping and scratching (besides the normal Becca gassiness) and BOY talk. I LOVE BOYS!!! Christmas we spent with Jake's family, and with three boys together, I decided that boys are still something that make me smile. Trick for funniest thing ever: watch Mamma Mia and have boys make up their own dialogue.

Reason #3 - Crazy sisters who like to talk about Satan and bite each other. See below. Yes, I think we grew up next to a power plant. Or maybe drugs.
Reason #7. (It's not in order, but I like the number 7 the best.) Rubber Mallets. You can never guess what I got Jake..... yeah, it's a mallet. It hurts when you hit your head with it. I tried several times and it hurt several times.
Best reason ever to smile: Jake, and pigs.

Yeah, today should be bright and shiny. Smile.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Move over, Jake!

I am pretty darn-tootin happy right now. This has been a week full of very good news.
First, I have fallen in love.... with someone other than Jake. There is a NEW man in town.

Jake's sister Chantel gave birth to my favorite new person on Wednesday. Greyson Carl Demill made his grand entrance. He is a whopper - 9 pounds, 10 ounces, and 23 inches long. He has the biggest feet I've ever seen. I will have to teach him not to tip over, and how to win arm-wrestling contests with his toes. I am an aunt for the first time ever. My mom pointed out that Aunt Evelyn makes me sound like the oldest lady ever. Yeah. I love him!!

Other good news (hopefully) - we have offer #2 pending on our house as of this afternoon. Hopefully more good news is to come. If we sell it, I will do WHATEVER I am dared to do in celebration. Hmmm..... the possibilities.
:) I love good news!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I love reading blogs about Christmas. They are joyous and wonderful. I, myself, had a really joyous and wonderful Christmas. I took lots of happy, joyous, and scary photos.

But I am not going to post those now.

I WILL blog about the world's biggest pancake. And the butter ball. The thing is, this was not the main dish. This came as a SIDE to an omelette. It has dual purposes in serving as a flotation device during catastrophic events. It also makes babies cry.
I am also going to blog about my dad. He is old. He had ANOTHER birthday. (I KNOW, right?) So we did the nicest thing that you do for the elderly... we got him a walker.
It is also an appropriate time to tell you of my most recent attempt versus cakes. Jake and I hit the big FOUR years of blissful, drooly marriage in December. I celebrated by creating a masterpiece.... of goo. I tried to make homemade frosting. It was more of a brown puddle. But at least the cake didn't crumble this time!!
I know, I rock.
Yeah, four blissful years. You can see how excited Jake is.
Fo shizzle!!