Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I love reading blogs about Christmas. They are joyous and wonderful. I, myself, had a really joyous and wonderful Christmas. I took lots of happy, joyous, and scary photos.

But I am not going to post those now.

I WILL blog about the world's biggest pancake. And the butter ball. The thing is, this was not the main dish. This came as a SIDE to an omelette. It has dual purposes in serving as a flotation device during catastrophic events. It also makes babies cry.
I am also going to blog about my dad. He is old. He had ANOTHER birthday. (I KNOW, right?) So we did the nicest thing that you do for the elderly... we got him a walker.
It is also an appropriate time to tell you of my most recent attempt versus cakes. Jake and I hit the big FOUR years of blissful, drooly marriage in December. I celebrated by creating a masterpiece.... of goo. I tried to make homemade frosting. It was more of a brown puddle. But at least the cake didn't crumble this time!!
I know, I rock.
Yeah, four blissful years. You can see how excited Jake is.
Fo shizzle!!


Kim said...

How fun! Congrats on 4 years. And tell Mr. P Happy Birthday from me. I miss Choir so much some days.

The Wettstein Family said...

You've stuck it out this long despite your cake-making skills. Awesome.

C.B. said...

Yay! 4 years!

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary Ev! I'm glad you're cake turned out, I'm still all about purchasing!