Thursday, September 3, 2009

Would you say I have a plethora... of hats??!!

Preggo update: great news: we have stopped labor! Bad news for me: bed rest until I want him to come. I tried to talk the doctor out of it, and tried batting my eyelashes (he asked if I was having a seizure), and then I tried crying, and lip quivering, but somehow he thinks because he's all MD and crap, he knows better, so he left me to be lounging around.
It's OK, I will win the lounge award of 2009.

So I've tried to pick up new hobbies to help with the horribleness that this lounging brings. I have to tell you, I have mad hat skills. OK, maybe not so much, but as you will see with my history with cakes, I am not quite the Martha Stewart I so aspire to be. But I have conquered the classy $5 Walmart hat loom. Here is my first attempt. It didn't so much turn out a hat, but more of a tube.. of ugliness, but a good first try:

Since then, I taught myself how to use not one, two, but THREE whole COLORS!! I have made 13 in 4 days, and I need a new hobby. Help.
In all reality, I am very very grateful that I am still pregnant and little pooper dude is still healthy and OK. I want him in there as long as I can. I am ever grateful for the many wonderful friends and family that have shown such compassion and concern. Thanks for the calls and prayers and Chuck Norris T-Shirts (I LOVE YOU DI!). I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.


The Wettstein Family said...

I gotta HOLLA!! Thank YOU for the hat! It's rare that I find a hat big enough for my noggin.
BTW, you already got the Lounge Award 2009. Sheesh!
I'll have to come visit you again soon! Matt's hours will be shorter in the next couple weeks, so maybe I can steal away. OR YOU KNOW, you can always come here!

Miss Heather said...

Hee hee!! I want a hat!!! :) You need to teach me how to use that thing. I can knit and crochet without it but using it confuses me. I'm too dumb. I'm SO COMING to your shower, btw. Can't wait!

Ari Anna Johnson said...
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Ari Anna Johnson said...

I want a hat tooooo! Great job on winning the Lounge Award! Keep up your Lounging and keep little chuck safe and sound! If you are a pro at hat making you should go for basket weaving next!!!! Just a thought!!!! I hear they are really popular these days. ;) Hang in there and keep up your funny posts.

Kirsten said...

Keep up the good work making hats. I'm very glad about he is still baking. Good luck with the next few weeks.

The McKinnons said...

Wow...I am amazed. I kind of want one. Does that make me weird? So if you ever feel in the mood to make me a hat I would love any color you deem appropriate for me to wear. Hey if I bring you some pink yarn do you think you could do a little baby one for the bambino that remains nameless. Gee I really should talk to Trav about that at some point in time. Except for he is always out of town and our conversations consist of trading information usually. Ha, ha! Who knew you would go from cat lady to hat lady...ha, that even rhymes. Somedays I amaze myself. If this post is totally weird just blame it on being up since 3:30 am. Love ya!

Mandy said...

Hang in will be worth it when he's cooked long enough and is big and healthy and can come right home with you! I love the hats by the you're not the greatest cook, but you can sure knit! :)

Catherine said...

I think Jake looks awesome in your hat!!