Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still Cooking!!

Days and nights are seriously blurring into each other. I need one moment of a big fat WA-HINE (whine, whine) to complain: bedrest is not a vacation. I remembered how many days when I was working full time thinking how awesome laying around, without my bra, in fabulous stretchy pants, with tubs of cheetos and ding dongs watching movies all day. But it's so not that. I have been trying to take up reading, watching every TV show and movie ever made, toe juggling, counting body hairs ,and even knitting. (I am drowning in baby hats but that's for a whole other post!) But due to my severe attention defecit and being-a-spaz-at-all-times issues, I can't concentrate and just want to get up and walk. But this isn't something I can cheat at and just get up. My little ninja Chuck Norris (no, we are really NOT naming him Chuck, seriously) thinks that now everytime I get up he needs to start his business and I get more contractions, so I have to show him who's boss and lay here and poke him.
I'm so bored.
Bored, bored, bored. Whine, whine, whine.

OK, I'm done with that. I actually don't have too much to whine about because I am SO SO grateful I am still knocked up! The doctor said the ultimate goal is to get to at least 34 weeks, but hopefully longer since he has measured small. I'm at 32.... every week counts so much! I am grateful every morning I get up and he is still in there, hiding his ninja skills under my stretched belly button (it looks like an alien eye). I am very blessed!

I have also never been in such awe with my husband, Jake. He is not only smart, funny, caring, considerate, and has good dental hygiene, but I have never seen such PATIENCE. He has given me a bell that I ding when I need anything, and he really does it. He is now my cook, maid, rear end masseuss, therapist, crane (helps me up to the potty, yo), and he hasn't complained yet. I dont' know what I did to deserve him through all this, but I'm blessed. He is going to be the BEST daddy so at least our dude has SOME hope with one of his parents.
Look how cute he is with our nephew Greyson. AWWWW!!!

So my vast amount of time sitting I am trying to spend in deep reflection. Not really, but I spend it missing the times when I could waddle. How I want so bad to go on an hour waddle, wiggle, whatever. I did, however, find some pictures from the time right before I was put on bedrest. This first one we went to the drive in for the first time in our lives with our friends Rob & Ashley. Here Jake revealed that he is a felon - he stole some lifesaver things from the airplane. We are going to jail.
And who can forget girls night to say bye to Carrie before she left us for New York (she says she's going to grad school but I think she's really out there to marry a foreign diplomat with a mustache). I love these ladies and miss them every day!

Yes, that's my I just farted look. No wonder Jake saw that and wanted to impregnate it. Yowzah.
I might be inappropriate but I don't get out much.


Laura said...

So sorry, Ev! Bedrest really does sound terribly boring, not vacation-like at all. But I'm glad he's still in there...try not to lose your mind! If I see any good movies, hear any good jokes, or think of ANYTHING that might be remotely entertaining, I'll let you know!

JO said...

gee, i bet bed rest stinks. Sorry tho hear that, but I am glad to know that your little guy is growing. Give that Jake a high-five for me, a bell, seriously? And he answers to your every beck and call! What a guy :)

Jill Denham said...

Hey at least your little chuck norris won't have a cold noggin'

The McKinnons said...

You are seriously hilarious, and crack me up to no end. I wish I could do something to relive your bordom. I totally understand. But I am glad to hear that you are minding your P's and Q's and showing Chuck who is boss. Good job!

Miss Heather said...

I need to come down and see you now that you're confined to a bed!! Man, that sucks!

Cami Jo said...

You're almost there my dear! I feel so sorry for you, it sounds like it would get old...but you know it will be worth it! Once he is here, you won't be getting much rest so ENJOY =) I hope it goes fast for you and that you make it to your 34 week point!