Friday, May 8, 2009

I miss my friend sanity.

Well, it's not like I ever had MUCH sanity but any inkling of that has been lost.

We are officially Utah-rds again and honestly we love it so far! We are doing our best to fit in and say words right like 'moun-ennnn' and 'oh my HECK.' We are worried if people are around us too long, though, we might get kicked out.

I have officially spent the first two weeks in almost 10 years without a full time job. Oh dear. That's all I should say. I have enjoyed so many things, like wearing my robe until noon and never missing an episode of Price is Right. I have even tried cooking but I almost blew up my house so we'll see how far that goes in the future..... I am so used to being busy that I'm not sure what to do with all this time. I am on the hunt for another job but I am starting to look more pregasaurus than having a big donut belly so I'm a little concerned about people wanting to hire me.... oh, the woes. Woe.

The hardest part is having all this free time to think. I have been so excited about the baby and how things are going. ...but now, I have started to realize that one day this baby will come OUT, and then... oh crap. We will be responsible for it. Some nights I get so scared that I can't sleep, just worried that I will forever traumatize and screw up our helpless little miracle. Plus I also have a fear it will be ugly. Rude, I know. (I have thought of MANY ways to cover it up, though, involving hats and helmets).
Thanks to savvy Becca, though, I have discovered that I can still look AWESOME while I vacuum with my baby. Check this out:

And one more thing: Stretchy pants were sent from heaven.


Kassie said...

Heaven bless the stretchy belly pants!

What are we gonna make when you come to my house again? I'm going up to Tree town for a few days next week but I'll be back Thursday.

The Wettstein Family said...

You might as well give up. Once that egg was fertilized, all rational thought went out the window. From now on you will be thinking of all the horrible things that could happen to your child in every situation, you will worry that your child will be a social retard, be smart, successful, have a testimony, etc., you will worry that your kid will get sick with some rare medical illness--swine flu-- every time he/she coughs. I'm sorry to tell you Ev, but I worried about my kids being ugly too, and that turned out to be the least of my worries. So, sit back, rest a beverage on that belly and enjoy your freetime in your stretchy pants, you'll be in dentures before you have any free time again.

Jackie said...

Ditto to everything Di said. And I can't imagine your kids could be anything but beautiful!

If you're so bored then why haven't we gotten together yet? I'm just a hop, skip & a jump away. I'll send you my phone # on facebook.

Becca Lund said...

I don't know how you are so confused, but you weren't sane BEFORE you were pregnant -- it really isn't that different now! Same thing for the stretchy pants -- admit it, you've always enjoyed wearing them and rubbing your belly.

Emily said...

lol- take advantage of being jobless and not having to wear "normal" clothes for awhile. Somedays it's too much effort to get dressed. Your kids will turn out adorable (even if they're ugly, people will tell you they're cute!)

C.B. said...

You make me smile.

Ya, I had the same issues trying to get a new job when I was pregnant. It's hard thinking anyone will hire you when you know people know you are pregnant. So I just gave up...and still work at the same job because they will work with my crazy baby/ hubby school schedule.

I was way scared about having a baby to be in charge of too...sometimes even now that we have Tegan I still get scared...but she turned out pretty cute so atleast I don't have to worry about covering her up.