Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Changes. Ah.

It’s official – we are moving. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the right thing to do, even if we don’t have it all figured out yet.
This has been a stressful thing to say the least, since we had a week to prepare. Jake and I went down this weekend to find a place to live. That was a scary experience. I am still rocking bath and forth from the trauma. We went to countless places where I expected to find dead hippies in the closet among the cockroaches. By Saturday we were getting really discouraged. We decided to just drive around to areas we liked – we found the cutest little townhome for rent in Pleasant Grove that was an AWESOME deal. Yay for not living in a place with cottage cheese ceilings where we will die when we lick the walls! Here is a picture and since I am what people call 'slow' I can't figure out how to rotate it in the right direction.
One of the ultimate signs to me that this was meant to be is how everything has fallen into place. We have already found a nice CLEAN little family to rent our house and they will move in this weekend. Can I get a halle-freakin-llujah and a WHEW in da house, people??!!! I have been finishing out the last week at my job while Jake is at home packing. I am under orders from the doctor to do no moving, which is actually more frustrating than anything because I feel like a lazy, dictator cow. I hate asking for help and I hate having to see him work so hard and I get to eat chicken wings and massage my belly. Oh well. This is how I am handling the stress. I decided I am a walrus.
I am excited to be in Utah again but hate this moving thing and having to start over. I pray we survive it through this week!! Jake is handling it by pretending to be Japanese.

For those in Utah, please come visit. We need mental help!


Jackie said...

I'm so glad that everything has fallen into place for you guys. What a blessing! And yay for living in Pleasant Grove! That is stinkin' close to where we are! We'll have to get together sometime. We could share the same OB, that would be such a bonding experience. :) Good luck with the move & let us know if you need any help.

Emily said...

O.k. so I just got around to reading your last post, I'm a little slow.... Congrats on the new job, hopefully he'll love it and you can stay home with your new addition, it's so worth it! I'm glad you found a spot to live, that Utah County real estate will kick your bootie!

The Wettstein Family said...

Do you guys need help moving in this weekend? Matt and I could possibly help!
You guys are so friggin blessed. Seriously, spread the wealth people!

Miss Heather said...

We are SO Partying as soon as you get down here. I'll be at your place all the time!

Kassie said...

EV!!! Hooray for two preggos not moving boxes and feeling like utterly lazy slobs. You need to email me your address and I need to email you my address so we can have eachothers addresses. And eventually visit eachother:) moving takes time.

Jill Denham said...

Oh yaaa I am so happy that it is all working out for you guys! The renters, your new place in Pleasant Grove and the baby on the way :) We are looking forward to seeing you kids this summer, let me know if/when you find out what you are having so I can start shopping !!! Love you

Laura said...

I'm so glad things are working out for you! Definitely keep taking it easy during the move. Trust me, I did way too much when we moved (I was pregnant with Sarah) and I felt HORRIBLE by the time it was all over! So don't feel bad about being lazy. :0)