Saturday, December 26, 2009

Poo. And Christmas.

Hey, did you know that Chuck Norris doesn't believe in Germany?

Anyways.... all I wanted for Christmas was a little miracle. This is what I got.
Yeah, pretty much the most kick-A awesome miracle ever. It makes me the happiest I have EVER, EVER been.
*As a side note, Carter decided to throw a curve ball at mom and started sleeping through the night last week. Still not every night, but SO much better. We now have a pretty good routine/schedule going which makes for much happier Heatons. Thank you all you mamas for your input. SO helpful.*

Christmas, again, was SUPER. I mean, really really SUPER, and even rad. But full of poo. Carter routinely poos all the way to his chin. And armpits. And sometimes ears. We go through about 7 outfit changes a day. I feel like poo is a constant on the brain. We went to Jake's work party, and as the other young couples sat around talking about their jobs and politics, I liked to routinely add in facts about bowel movements; their colors and frequencies. Yeah. Will Mom brain ever go away? I seriously put both my shoes on the wrong feet the other day and walked around for a half hour. Couldn't figure out why they were hurting my feet.

Christmas also brought about many new stressors and urps. (That's like vomit. Cuz life throws up on us too). Turns out there is an 87% we will be moving.... AGAIN. Utah County must be kicking us out because I say poo too much.

So... point of this post? Can't remember. And sounds like Carter just made a poo. Hee.


The Wettstein Family said...

I didn't know you were planning on moving next door to me! When are we gonna get together? Matt got me Season 5 for Christmas!! I know you wanna borrow it!

Catherine said...

I'm glad you got your Christmas miracle!!!! He's defintely the cutest one!!!!!
Where do you think you'll be moving to this time?

The McKinnons said...

Moving? Seriously? What gives? You gotta update me on this. Love him, love you, love poo! What can I say, anything as cute as him can't helped to be loved despite the poo. PS if the poo keeps going up his back and all over almost every time you need to more him up a size in diapers. I just did with Kenzie and it made a world of difference. She never has blowouts now :)

Mandy said...

He's so cute. I love the new family pictures. You all look great! :) I love his fat little cheeks...i would kiss them all day!
Moving where??????????????

Jill Denham said...

Oh I just love the new Family picture, so precious!!!

Alison said...

Love the family picture and the one on this post is beautiful. He has this face like "Ya, my mom loves me." way cute.
You look great! You are doing an awesome job on your own.

Jackie said...

I read this a long time ago & forgot to make a comment. That picture of you & Carter is darling. And poop, yup, gotta love it.

You're moving again? What gives? Good luck & let me know what I can do to help. I can't believe that I live so close & I've never even seen your ADORABLE baby. This has got to change.

Afton said...

I just thought I would reitterate the question....where you movin'??? Your little Carter is the cutest. I still need to see him! We find out this week if there is a possiblity of us moving. I think it would be a good change. Congrats on the whole sleeping thing, not all small feat.