Thursday, October 30, 2008

You're not Cool unless you Drool

I have discovered an awesome, AMAZING new talent. One that will leave you shaking in your seat out of jealousy. (Please, try to control yourselves). I've always known I'm a drooler. I awaken each morning to the pleasant sensation of moisture on my pillow. I will fall asleep cuddling with my boy, and wake up to drool all up his chest. It's a pretty attractive thing.
At my new job, I have a lot more down-time in between clients and projects. It's something I'm not really used to. Add on top of that that most nights I don't sleep more than 4 hours.... I get a little drowsy and woozy. I was sitting here at work today, staring at the computer, and I found myself drooling. Drooling, completely awake and sitting up, so bad that it hit the desk. I always knew it took talent to drool in your sleep, but doing so AWAKE, and SITTING UP, now THAT is pretty amazing!!!


Emily said...

It's all good Ev. I think it's dang attractive!

Julie M. said...

Um, I've done that before too! And it is hot!

Miss Heather said...

You are SO multi-talented... I love it!

The Wettstein Family said...

Is there no end to what you are capable of?