Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yeah, yeah, another month has gone by. And I don't even have pictures this time. BUT, it has been a whoosh of a month. That is the sound of happiness, stress, sadness, scariness, and farting. But for us it is a good thing.
We have had so many ups and downs this year, with work, the house, health, family, deaths, etc. A few months ago we kept having the feeling that things just didn't feel right anymore.... that we needed to get out and maybe look elsewhere. Those who know me realize that my current job has just about done me in. I have become a basketcase. When I see teenagers I literally start to convulse. We sat down right before Jake graduated and made the scary plans to look for jobs... far, far, far away. Just to see.
Well, we got one. Jake applied for a web designer position in Boise where his sister lives. We knew it was a long shot - it was an awesome position. One that would allow me to take time off to either work part time or go back and get my Master's. Too good to be true. Well, WE GOT IT!! Jake just went up yesterday and passed the polygraph portion of the hiring process. We just need to wait for the background check to go through and IT IS OURS. Since Jake doesn't have a fondness of murdering or drugs, I think we'll be OK.
It is such a mix of emotions. We really hate to leave the house and ward that we love. We have worked so hard on it, just to put it up for sale when it is done. We are sad to leave the wonderful friends and family here, and I will even miss certain parts about work. But it just FEELS SO RIGHT. We know that it is where we are supposed to go. Still Idaho, still potatoes, but so right.

So right now it is a mess. We are trying to get the house here ready and on the market while at the same time trying to buy a house up there. Moving is a scary, scary thing. And I can't even put in my two weeks yet... there's the stupid money and insurance factor. So it's about to be a start of a new life. Good thing?? Yeah, as long as it involves potatoes, I think so. Whoosh.


Jackie said...

Oh boy! I think this move sounds great for you! We're in the process of making big choices like that's tough and scary just like you said. But that is wonderful that it feels so right!!! That has got to be such a reassuring feeling. Good luck with your move and selling your house and everything...I hope it goes smoothly.

Miss Heather said...

Meh. You need to move to Sandy. To be close to me. :o)

camilleandgregsorensen said...

Congrats that is awesome! I totally know what you mean, I'm figuring out my life too! Moving is hard, but it's always been a good thing for us in the long run! I'm glad you get to quit your job, I'm hoping I get to do that too- it's a good feeling to be able to rely on your man! I'm super happy for you!

Laura said...

Ev, congrats! It is always scary, but such a relief to finally figure out where you want to go and what you want to do. I hope everything goes great!

*C said...

I wish you'd stay closer to Utah but congrats on the great job for Jake!! You better come down to visit LOTS!!! Okay?!!