Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birf-day, Shout HOORAY!!

I know it was two weeks ago, but I really need to blog about my birthday. I have to be honest... I am not fond of getting old. Last year 25 was hard for me. Jake was out of the country and I turned half of fifty. But the thing about 26 is even worse..... the UPPER twenties. A scary place I've never been.But now that I have survived a few weeks in the 26's.... I am loving it. I had the best birthday EVER.
To help make up for last year, we had a week-long celebration. Girl's Camp was planned right in the middle of my birthday so Jake surprised me the Saturday morning before and went together with a bunch of friends and family to get me an X-Box. WAAHHH!!!! I did pee a little again.
He was so cute all that day. I got thoroughly spoiled and he even cooked ALL THREE meals. And would you believe it.... they were edible too.

I will be honest. I had mixed feelings about spending my birthday at Girl's Camp. But it turned out to be such a blessing. I love my girls and my ward. We had a blast and they taught me to feel young again :) They woke me up with a cake made out of ding-dongs, as they call me their favorite Ding Dong. The girls even wrote the following message with pine-cones.

Seriously, I LOVE THEM!!! Sniff!
That night when I returned home the birthday got even better. That was when got the news about the job!!
But the party doesn't end there. The next weekend Jake surprised me yet again. He invited some friends and family over for a par-tay. I never had them in high school or even in college. I was always afraid no one would show up. That's a different blog. But at the party I got even more surprised.... I got Guitar Hero. And Di came! Sniff again!! I can't believe all the work Jake went to. And I loved seeing everybody together. We had so much fun. I even got more granny-panties but Jake won't let me post those pictures.
Jennica looks JUST like a plastic surgery gone wrong in this picture, and Andrea's a little high, but you gotta love my fam! (Yeah, Dad still thinks he's a dinosaur....)

Here is everybody showing me how Guitar Hero is done. I was not good to start with, but after having it for two weeks..... my other day job is a rock star.

And once again, I have to profess my love for my Jakey. He always goes out of his way to make me feel loved and special, especially during the stressful times. I am one gol-darn lucky old lady!! I seriously too am so blessed to have all my friends and family! :) And especially to those of you that read my blog!!! (even if I force you!)


camilleandgregsorensen said...

Yeah Happy Birthday! I'm glad the husband the kids took care of you!

*C said...

You're one awesome 26 yr old!! Glad you had a happy birthday!! That hubby of yours is so thoughtful. I wish I could have been there to help celebrate you!! You're FAB!!! Love you! :)

Som & Sot said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm glad you had a good one! From now on, you have to always celebrate big because you're getting old! :0)

Kassie said...

Happy 26 Ev! Party like a rockstar.