Monday, May 5, 2008

I heart New York!!!

I swear, most days I feel like Jake needs to check me into a nursing home. Despite all numbers, I am senile.

I think the computer is upset and lonely .... I have been trying to upload photos for the BIG NYC trip and it is sure being fussy. Fussy old computer. So I am ending up uploading them one at a time and have lost all patience. So here are a few highlights!!

Like I mentioned before, we went with Jake's art history class from USU. It was the only way to ever afford a cheap enough trip to NYC. And despite the odds of all cheapness, we felt OH SO CLASSY the entire time!!

It was awesome. Jake's professor was a pretty cool guy and spent the entire time wasted (started at 11 a.m. on the plane, folks) so we pretty much got to do our own thing.

The night we flew in a group of us went to the Empire State building. Coming out, a guy in our group flagged down a limo driver and talked him into taking all 10 of us all around town at night for like ten bucks.

This is our CLASSY limo picture. I have never ridden in a limo!! It had pimp lights.

By the way, notice by beautiful, glowing orange hands. Needless to say I will not be re-visiting self tanner anytime in the near future.

We checked into our hotel which was beyond ghetto. We had a teensy little bathroom to share between eight rooms. The rest of the trip was like none other I've ever had to New York. (My mommy is from New Jersey so I've had a few trips in my life). We did hit the touristy stuff like Times Square, Staten Island, WTC, etc. but a lot of it was the true New Yo-ok (*that's how you have to say it to be classy like me) experience. Our hotel was in Greenwich village and so we lived the true villager life. Look at me contemplating on the deeper meanings of hot chocolate here.

One of the favorite things for me was getting to see two Broadway shows. We went to Hairspray one night and then Monty Python's Spamalot the next. I will forever, forever cherish the in-explicable experience of getting to see Clay Aiken in tights.

And yes, I had to stop and pick up my paycheck at the sight below.

A good rest of the portion of the trip was spent in Museums. The Met was so awesome. We also took the Subway to the top of the island and went toa place called the Cloisters which is one of the coolest things ever!!
And a few other picture-less highlights: we saw a real pimp, I got robbed (if you count leaving a bag of souvenirs on the ground and returning to find it gone), I rode the pole on the subway, had Pinkberry frozen yogurt and big fat pizza.... it was heaven.
Good place to visit but I still like my potato-driven life.


~kate~ said...

Oh so much fun!! Ev I heart you!!

*C said...

So FUN!!! I love the pics!! How is it working for Heff?! Is he much more charming in real life?! ha ha :) And I love the neon orange self tan. Pretty glad I don't have to deal with stuff like that! Fun post. I'm totally jealous of all your travels!! Love ya!

Becca Lund said...

This is my new favorite post ever. Besides the fact you didn't mention me even once, after all I called you while you were in new yo-ok and left like 80 messages. How could you leave that out?

Kassie, Jon & Isaac said...

Hooray for vacations!!! I totally have sympathy for your hands. I did my legs before we went to LA... long story short. My zebra legs stayed under pants. (There are no pics of the zebra legs.)

Kassie, Jon & Isaac said...

Hooray for vacations!!! I totally sympathize with your hands. I did my legs before we went to LA... long story short. My zebra legs stayed under pants. (There are no pics of the zebra legs.)

M & M said...

WOW! You guys are the greatest! It looks like you had a blast. I love checking out all your new adventures. What a great time in NYC!

The Wettstein Family said...

Did you bring me a monkey?

Kara Welling said...

HEY! Long time no see! You gotta love blog-stalking! they should have come up with this years ago! I might have been in touch with more people!
Its good to hear from you! I need to go to NY bad.... It looks like it was a blast!!!
-Kara (Munns)