Monday, May 26, 2008

I hate alarm clocks

When the alarm goes off in the morning, I fight the urge to murder. It's a thing I hate. But with so much negativity around me, I thought I would take time today to write on a few more of my loves.
I love sleeping in, for one. It was a three-day weekend full of beautiful, beautiful things. And I love that.

I love my friends. I don't get to see them nearly as much as I want to but I love each one of them. I'm so grateful for all of you and for the changes you have made in my life. I can't believe that you put up with me!! I love the chance to blog and catch up with so many. I love that I get to be myself and not everyone will run away screaming.
A few months ago I went up to Kisty's cabin with a bunch of us and never posted. Poo on me!! But that's still a thing I love!!

And totally more sappy, I love my family. I love my way too insane but beautiful sisters. Becca, you're a favorite too. But I don't know about your neck. We try to keep her big neck a secret but it's pretty hard because she runs out of scarves. :)

And yes, I love Carrie even though she is going into hooker-ing. Or maybe cross-dresser-ing. (OK, it was a colorguard competition last month but I did see plenty of spandex so it made me wonder....)

Right now, I love that Jake is graduated. I love that when I come home, HE'S HOME TOO. I love the excitement that this new job search is bringing and the endless possibilities in front of us. Yes, I'm scared to death and peeing in my pants a little, but I love it. (not the peeing part though). The rumor is out - there's a good possibility we will have to leave this beautiful home we love and our wonderful friends and neighbors here, but it makes room for new experiences and friends and fun and.... . ok, that's too sappy, even for me.
I also love to torture people in many fun ways. I love to win wars with Jake in licking each other's faces. And he will admit, he cries himself to sleep at night because he's so gooey and wimpy that he can't fight back. I have so many loves and blessings in my life that I am overwhelmed. I was recently talking to a friend that gave me inspiration - to write at the end of each day the hand of the Lord in my life. It has started to go beyond squishy things, forts, and blankees for me. I'm in love with life and though it can really stink at times and has felt pretty dang hard recently, there is too much to love to stay focused on that!!!!!


Jackie said...

Those are fun pictures. I'm sorry things are so hard right now. But it's great that you've been able to focus on other good things! Good luck in the job's exciting and scary, and I'm sure that everything will work out fine. You're wonderful!!!

Julie said...

Hi Evy! I wish I could come steal you for an afternoon. I sure miss you! I think of you often and wish you lots and lots of luck! :) Cute pics and I'm glad your sisters are so close, enjoy it while you can!

*C said...

Fun stuff! I'm excited for you and the job search stuff! but I hope it doesn't take you too too far away from me {hopefully you'll be even closer}. We must hang out when I get back ASAP!! Ok?!?

The Wettstein Family said...

Ev, what the heck? When did you get to be so sappy? Really, sheesh! I am shocked, quite honestly, that you are thankful for more than just forts. It ends there. Forts are the ultimate.

JO said...

You are so funny. I love the picture of you attempting to lick Jake. I am excited for you that you might be moving away. I only say that because it is rough on me certain days being so far from everything I have ever know, but I love the experience we have had so far. We have grown tremendously as a couple, I have made some great friends and great memories.....more await us. And when we leave this place I know it will be so rough.