Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I've been tagged by a few people, so I figure I better do at least one. I didn't attach a picure this time, though.... the last one was scary enough.


Favorite Clothes:
THEN - Oh, I loved clothes... I would die for anything Guess, Girbaud, or Hammer pants. I liked the tight, tight, TIGHT stretch pants that were tye-died. And I remember asking for a glittered speckle shirt with a matching belt for one of my birthdays. Let's not forget the BANGS - biggest friggin bangs in the school! We measured.
NOW - What I like to wear and what I actually wear are quite different. Because of my job, I find myself in dress pants and button up shirts or sweaters every day. When I'm not working, I just go with what's around.... I love my Big Stars, hoodies, and slippers.

Favorite TV Shows:
THEN - Oh, I miss these shows - Saved by the Bell, Punky Brewster, Charles in Charge, Boy Meets World, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, to mention a few. My mom only let us watch like 1/2 hour every day... I dedicated it to Saved By the Bell. Yes, everyone is jealous, because Zack is my boyfriend!
NOW - I'm completely addicted to Grey's Anatomy, and I never hear the end of it from Jake. I even dream about it :) I also like The Office, American Idol, Trading Spaces, and So You Think You Can Dance

Favorite Music:
THEN - Oh, my first tape ever was MC Hammer. Hamma time, da da da da da da!! I even made up dances. (My poor, poor mother never knew where I came from). I also liked the early alternative bands (Green Day, Weezer) that made me think I was cool.
NOW - My tastes haven't evolved TOO much. I still like Green Day, Incubus, Linkin Park, Snow Patrol, and even go as soft as Norah Jones. But I gotta be a LITTLE punk to keep up with Jake.

Favorite Food:
THEN - Oh, I was always a pig so it's hard to narrow it down. I was so fat I think my parents put me on a leash. I have always loved fruit from our gardens, and root beer. I drank so much root beer that now I HATE it. Same think with ham and sausage. Blech!
NOW - I LOVE fish, especially halibut. I love cheesecake, fresh pineapple, popsicles, and PUDDING. I even paint my face in it!

THEN - I think most girls were afraid of the same thing I was - boys. :) I was also really afraid of being kidnapped, heights, and of ghosts. I still am. When I was dating Jake, we stayed at his parent's restored house..... I couldn't sleep the whole night because I knew the house was haunted.
NOW - Did I mention, ghosts?! I think a big fear is not having kids (seriously, I'm getting old) or not feeling like I succeed, but most of all is to lose my Jake.

Woop, there it is yo! Now I tag Julie and Di, and I want Jake to do it because his blog is so manly and boring....


The Thompson's said...

Ev! this was so fun to read.. but where are the then and now pics?!

*C said...

Yeah, where's the pics?!! But I agree with Katie, that was fun to read! Thanks for doing my tag!! Love ya!

JO said...

Love it! I did this same post, You were more creative. I found myself drawing a blank while typing several sections.