Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm only here for the food!

You should all know that my mouth is one of the biggest on this earth. Part of that is that I love to eat... everything! One of these days the be-dunk-a-dunk will catch up with me, but what is life without food? It just seems odd with my inability to cook!
Every time I have an opportunity to get with friends, dinner is the thing we do. I LOVE going out to dinner. Maybe it's because we never went out growing up,... Last week I got together with Kisty, Kristen, and Carrie. I love these girls and I miss them!! It was so good to go back and think about what we did when we lived together and the craziness (tents, balloons, albino neighbors) that we had. I have honestly not been as happy as I am now, but there are things I do miss about still being in college and the fun I had. I have had so much fun with every new set of roommates and wouldn't trade the experiences for the world. I wish I did better at keeping in touch ... I love all of you!

Then the next day after that dinner, we got to have a conference down in Ogden for work. I stayed with Kristen the night before, then went over to the Marriott. I guess one of the only perks of the job is having these conferences, which can be pretty entertaining.... especially the sleep-overs in the hotels. The girls I work with and I went to Applebee's (same place as the night bef0re) and stayed up way past my bedtime!

Yeah, I'm in serious need of maturing... don't know if that will ever happen!!


Julie M. said...

Look! It's Kisty! Tell her to drop me a line! I'm glad you are so close to them and I hope you had so much fun!

The Thompson's said...

Ev! I love reading your blog, it's so fun!
(oh, and thanks for all your comments!!)

Emily said...

Seriously Ev- the wigs!! That was so 6 years ago!! I remember those days all too well

JO said...

Roommates are so much fun! I am glad I was as single for as long as I was so I was able to live with my share of fun, fun girls. I can't believe you love to eat and never gain a pound! you lucky girl you :)