Saturday, September 29, 2007

Attack of the Killer Cake

So, since I'm half of 50 now, I've been on this kick of trying to improve myself and learn new things. I've just been feeling so stuck in life lately that I want to do new things. First, I'm almost positive that I will be applying for the MSS program (Master's of Social Science)... if no baby comes. ( I know Jake is cringing if he reads this). Next, I want to learn German. Why German? Because they get to hock and spit a lot when they talk, and I LIKE it. And one new thing is also cooking. I've been blessed to have such a wonderful husband who does a lot of the cooking, and I've been spoiled. So far, in the almost three years we've been married, I have only cooked a total of like 10 different dishes. I usually don't even get home until after 7 so it makes it hard to want to make something complicated.So I made a goal to cook one new thing a week.

Last week, it was cake. I HATE cake, I've always hated it. Jake's favorite thing in the WORLD happens to be yellow cake with chocolate frosting (I just don't get it). It's so funny - on his birthday in the past, I've made him bake his OWN cake because I hate it so much. But I decided to try and be domestic and an actual wife, so this was my attempt. I even was adventurous and tried to make it TWO layers. I am blaming it on cold frosting. I know the good cooks of you out there are cringing (yes Di, I didn't learn).... The funny thing is that Jake ending up eating this mess.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Fun

Lately the work-week has been so stressful we've been living for the weekends. It's nice to be able to sleep in and actually see each other than more in just passing, now that Jake's back in school (last year, people!). Jake and I pretty much go pretty mental and crazy when the weekend hits. I swear, we got more immature the longer we're together.

Here are some pics from this week...
Melissa and Jeff came up with their cutest Macie. We had a barbeque and I tried to not cause TOO much permanent damage to cute Macie. I think I scared her more than she's ever been. I have this weird thing where I have to growl at babies... Isn't she cute??

Then, later on this week, Jake's good friend Jordan left to go live in the Netherlands for a month. Netherlands? Yeah, he tells us they speak some weird language called Flemmish. Sounds like what happens with a cold, or when Jake wants to gross me out! Anyways, we went to dinner with Jordan and Jake's BFF Rob. I'm proud to say that I ate more than ALL the men.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


So here's my beautiful family!!! Sometimes I wonder where I came from:) I LOVE these people. We've been so lucky that the older we've gotten, the better and closer we get. I have to admit it, I was a stubborn, pig-like, butt-headed teenager. (That's why I have to work with those kids now - payback). I like to think I've outgrown most of that in my old age now, although Jake probably won't agree with you. I can't believe that the majority of us will be married. Erica's hitching with her Jake number 2 next month!! Smooch!!

I need to post more often and get some more pictures up. The issue is that I do this at work where I don't have the pictures. The minute I get home the computer is the last thing I think of, with all there is to finish on our house. When I'm here at work, it's like an escape. Goodness knows I need a lot of those escapes. Speaking of the house, it is getting awesome. I want people to visit lonely us and come see it!! I'm so proud of us for once. I actually did stuff with power tools. Luv it!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Wet and Wild

So recently Jake and I took a white-water rafting trip up past Boise on the Payette River. Yeah, we're all cool and wid it yo!! The look on my face is not planned (on the front right, with my mouth WIDE OPEN). Everyone always gives me such a hard time for being a spaz. I know I am, but this look proves it is natural.... I didn't even know a picture was being taken, and that's how I look. I thought we were going to die the whole time, but it was awesome. So much better than the Snake River. I have such a big mouth!!

It was absolutely amazing. We decided just to take a little trip to spend time together before Jake left for school this summer, and we spent the days sleeping in and eating what we wanted to. The bad thing about vacations is that they make me want to vacation EVEN MORE!!

Now I'm here at work, which is SOOOO busy since school started again. The summers slow down when all these freaky deaky teenagers aren't congregated, but now they're back to getting in trouble. I'm seeing everything from public mooning to beating people up with baseball bats!! Yeah, I'm not ever going to be ready to have my own!! :)
So hopefully it will be a relaxing weekend, which we haven't had in awhile. Jake has worked his way up to having his panel truck in the Peach Day's car show. He's been working on it since High school, and I'm so proud of him!! I will hopefully add pictures soon!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


It's a slow Sunday, and I can't believe I'm posting again so soon! I woke up with one of my famous freak headaches..... and have been lying around like a sack all day. Yes, a sack!

I thought I would add some pictures of my recent trip to Switzerland with Jake, since I haven't shown them off yet. Jake's blog has so many more, but these are random ones. It was seriously a dream come true to go, and a week wasn't nearly enough time. Really soon, when we're so rich that we will use the money as toilet paper, I think we will do this stuff SO much more. I loved it all, except the food. They had a lot of pig.... and the cheese tasted like stale, dead, reesty underwear... I was grateful to come home for turkey sandwiches! You will notice that I look like crap the whole time - they lost my luggage and I went without make-up, a blowdryer, and I even wore my husband's deodorant!! It was awesome... and a little smelly.

This first picture is the first place we went when I flew into Zurich. It was in a quaint little town, and was the top of a cathedral that was hand-carved and painted.
The third day we went to Zermatt, which is right next to Italy. The Matterhorn is behind me. The day we came, it was POURING rain (try that with no coat and a hoodie), but this next morning, the sun came out so clearly. It was gorgeous.
This is from the Rheinfalls on the Switzerland/Germany border. Seriously, one of the most amazing things I've seen. There's a boat you can ride that will take you in the middle of the falls so you can touch them.
Here are Jake and I at the FLUGHAFEN (airport) in Zurich. Yes, I'm wearing poops.
This picture was taken on the day before we left in Lucerne, which was one of the prettiest cities in all Switzerland.
There you have it. I'm tallying up the country list - 7 so far! By far, Switzerland has been my favorite.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Tuxedo T-shirt





- Jake


So I gave in = finally started a blog, like all these young kids are talking about.... Sure don't know quite what I'm doing in my old age.
So here I am! Finally an Idaho resident, as was always my dream, to be among the potatoes and the lottery tickets. I have my sweet Jake with me and we couldn't be more happy. Again, in our aching old age, we are looking for new things to do and maybe blogging will be where it's AT, yo!! And by the way, I am lonely. Please visit.