Friday, September 7, 2007

Wet and Wild

So recently Jake and I took a white-water rafting trip up past Boise on the Payette River. Yeah, we're all cool and wid it yo!! The look on my face is not planned (on the front right, with my mouth WIDE OPEN). Everyone always gives me such a hard time for being a spaz. I know I am, but this look proves it is natural.... I didn't even know a picture was being taken, and that's how I look. I thought we were going to die the whole time, but it was awesome. So much better than the Snake River. I have such a big mouth!!

It was absolutely amazing. We decided just to take a little trip to spend time together before Jake left for school this summer, and we spent the days sleeping in and eating what we wanted to. The bad thing about vacations is that they make me want to vacation EVEN MORE!!

Now I'm here at work, which is SOOOO busy since school started again. The summers slow down when all these freaky deaky teenagers aren't congregated, but now they're back to getting in trouble. I'm seeing everything from public mooning to beating people up with baseball bats!! Yeah, I'm not ever going to be ready to have my own!! :)
So hopefully it will be a relaxing weekend, which we haven't had in awhile. Jake has worked his way up to having his panel truck in the Peach Day's car show. He's been working on it since High school, and I'm so proud of him!! I will hopefully add pictures soon!


*C said...

Ha ha. I love the picture!! :) Too funny. I had no idea you were so adventurous!! Fun Fun.

Sothea said...

HA HAHAHAHA OH MY! That's sooooo classic! Awe man, it seriously makes me miss hanging out with your spaziness! LOVE YA EV!

Julie M. said...

ROFL! That's hilarious! It totally made me and Lane laugh. I'm glad someone is having awesome adventures! :)

Becca Lund said...

I hope they let you keep the helmet, I know how hard it is for Jake to let you out of the house without one!