Friday, October 22, 2010

Bowl head.

There are many, many things that I am bad at.
Blogging, for instance.
My list of crappiness also includes walking and chewing gum at the same time, mothering (Worst Mother of BRHS Class 0f 2000 – Holla!), cutting straight with scissors, having a face that doesn't make babies cry, being nice to homeless people….. I could go on for hours.
But, there are a few things I deserve a shout out for, for being the Captain of Awesomeness.
One thing: my thrifty skills. I have taught bubba dude to play with garbage in order to save money. His favorite toy? The one he can’t go to bed without? His bowl I stole from someone in college. Pretty much 90% of the day, it’s on his head. It kind of acts as a helmet which is much needed because I also am bad at walking without falling over, which he has inherited.

The other thing I am good at? Well, pretty much nothing else. BUT, I am posting an awesome picture of a friend get-together, because THEY are all awesome. I know I am just there for people to kick for entertainment, but still. Love you guys. A Special shout out to my BFF Oprah for making an appearance.
Also, I am never eating sushi again. Or Cheez Whiz.


Jackie said...

Evelyn, you seriously always make me laugh so hard. I love that you stuck Oprah in that picture, I'm still laughing about it. And where are your sons birthday pictures? I need to see them. The end.

Catherine said...

You may not be good at the quantity of blogs you post, but you definitely have the best quality of entertaining blogs! I love Carter's hat, way to go being thrify, lol!
I agree with Jackie, you should post birthday pictures!

kate said...

ditto what Catherine said. :) and... you really will never eat sushi again? I will never pay $40 again but I might eat it again ;)
oh, and thanks for being there to kick!