Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lovin my Burrito Boy!!

My goodness gracious, Carter is already a week old. All those old people are right - it flies by way, way too fast.

So I thought I would share the story of his highness, the ultimate ninja, and his arrival.
Above is a picture of me from approximately 10 days ago. Yeah, I know. Illegally too large in 7 countries.
So a few days later I woke up not feeling the best. Monday night we had a friend over and we were watching Frankenstein. Well, I don't like monsters (they really smell). I guess Carter doesn't either because he chose in the middle of the movie to have my water break, out of the blue.
Jake didn't believe me and thought I'd peed my pants in scaredy-ness.
So a little over an hour later, at 8:30 p.m. we arrived at the hospital.
Wasn't dialating, at all, but almost fully effaced. They decided to start me on pitosin to speed up the contractions. Epidural? Heck, YES. Was great, for about 3 hours.
The contractions then started to cause Carter some distress. Never, ever have been so scared as when his heart rate dropped off the monitor and 5 nurses/doctors came running and kept mentioning a c-section. Got it figured out.
But then something bizarro-happened and the epidural wore completely off. I was not numb at all. The anesthesiologist said it was some kind of nerve blockage. (I think it was a conspiracy by a group of vampires but that's another story).
So I was dying in pain and kept yelling at everybody, calling them Satan. Finally at 5 a.m. I was ready to push.
Got to push for a freaking 3 hours because I had to rest in between contractions because of Carter's distress. I felt every bit of it. Let's just say that every woman that has given birth deserves a Purple Heart and one billion dollars, seriously.
When the doctor finally came in, I was ready. One horrible cut and three pushes later, he was out...8:30 a.m. I screamed like no one else has screamed, worse than a fat lady with her donuts forever taken away, but never have been so amazed at what I saw. Even being goopy, he was CUTE. I've had the fear all along that our poor baby would be a mixture of Chuck Norris' grandma and Donk, but he was beautiful.
He has been such a little miracle, angel of a baby. I know everybody says that, but I'd like to take a minute to join in the sappiness because it's totally true. I can't get over the miracle that he is, perfectly formed, down to his teeny little fingernails, here and healthy and beautiful.

He is all Jake. He has Jake's beautiful lips and little dimple in the chin, Jake's beautiful big blue eyes, Jake's huge noggin. He does have my fat cheeks and his mouth is so incredibly large it could almost fit a small puppy in there.
Recovery seems to be slow-going, and I am not one of those perfect women that is out running, wearing the skinny jeans, looking perfect, doing her own dishes.
But I am one of those women who is revelling in smelling her beautiful miracle boy, watching his funny facial expressions, listening to his squeak-squeakersons, and wrapping him up so he is my little burrito of a boy. Labor totally, totally sucks, and so does the aftermath (can I just say, POO?), but the end result already makes me forget it.
I am in love.
*Note* I have never fallen more in love with Jake than watching him be a daddy. He is INCREDIBLE. *


Emily said...

Wow Ev I'm sorry it was so rough!! Let me say with my c-sections the epidurals stayed working and I didn't feel any of it (if you need c-section support for future pregnancies!) He's a beautiful baby and I'm glad all of you are home and doing so well!!

Miss Heather said...

I am just so so so happy for you. He's gorgeous and I'm so glad you're through all the yuck... and now enjoying the amazing-ness. I adore you!

The Wettstein Family said...

I'm so glad you tell it like is. Don't leave out any gory details. Make young people read your blog as birth control, that's what I say. No one ever mentions the unpleasantness. Good thing the baby makes up for it... until they start pooping.

Kirsten said...

What a sweet baby, I'm glad he came out healthy and beautiful. I love the idea of a purple heart and a million dollars.

Catherine said...

You're hilarious Ev! I really enjoyed this post and am glad you're enjoying mommy-hood. He's an adorable little boy and Carter is such a cute name! Congratulations!

Laura said...

He is completely adorable! I know, baby makes everything worth it but I am SO SORRY you had to go through all of that! I had a really hard recovery with Sarah, and I say you don't have to do your own dishes. Or run. Or wear skinny jeans, or even any jeans for that matter! I've stayed in my "super-sweats" for a ridiculously long time after both babies! Just keep snuggling and smelling him, this newborn time is the sweetest thing ever.

kate said...

What a wonderful story. I am SO sorry it sucked so bad!! He is totally worth it though, one beautiful babe!

CurtisAdie said...

It's true...they grow too fast - so do enjoy Carter every single day! I am totally with you on labor and the aftermath. It's not fun at all! I am amazed at how many people there are on the earth!! No matter how bad you think it is though, you will forget. Trust me, you will forget all the pain and do it again. Heck, I forgot only three months later. I keep telling myself, "I'm not forgetting this time." Recovery is yuck! Congrats on your new, little Carter. He is so precious!!!!

Queen of Kings said...

Evelyn YOUR AMAZING! Thank You for sharing your story Labor is SOOO Hard! I am glad you didn't have to have a c section but hearing your story it might have been better! Your little boy is BEAUTIFUL he is so CUTE!! Makes me teary eyed your an AMAZING Mom and I'm glad he's here and absolutly prefect! Congrats sister!

Kim said...

I love war stories. That picture at the end with daddy is so cute. That sucks that your epidural wore off. That is the only thing that makes child birth bearable. But he is here and healthy, what a beautiful baby.

Jill Denham said...

It is all worth it!! I agree with you that you are never so in love with your husband until you see him hold your child :) I am so happy for you guys and can't wait to meet Carter next summer.

The McKinnons said...

Can I just say that I am totally crying right now. Firstly I am crying because he is absolutely perfect and so adorable. Secondly I am crying thinking of you with no epidural. I can't believe your water broke. I really will have to talk to you about your whole labor experience later. Holy, cow! But I am so excited to see carter. Let me know when you are up to it.

M and M said...

Ev! We are SO HAPPY for you! What an amazing journey this thing called motherhood is! You have a beautiful little baby... congratulations!

kurtandvickysleemanfam said...

can i just say, WOW! what a story! i can totally sympathize with you on the epidural malfunction! isn't it amazing how a baby changes things. you thought you were in love before and knew what happiness was, but the truth is, babies add a whole other dimension to the feeling of joy in this life!! CONGRATULATIONS!! and yes, before you know it, you will be dressing him for kindergarten and waiving good-bye to the back of the bus- standing there in your robe until you can't see it anymore. then going into the house and getting out the baby books and old photo albums and crying your eyes out!!*snif* ohh evy the journey has only begun!