Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't tell me my biz-ness, debil woman!

I often lament about my aging. I can’t help it – I am an ornery old cat lady and was always MEANT to be one. I am recently encountering the worst thing about aging yet – the curse of devil sugar.
I have always, ALWAYS been such a sweet tooth. I always prided myself as well when I was younger of eating more than ten men and seven gorillas. Then this whole aging thing hits, where instead of all those extra calories magically disappearing, they somehow get stuck in lumps on your body. What’s the deal, seriously?
My curse seems to be of the cheeks. I don’t gain weight anywhere as much as my CHEEKS. (Well, the bum ones AND the head ones). To this, I say …. No. I figure I better stop the cheek gaining before it turns into my body looking like a lump of cottage cheese inside a garbage bag. I have been exercising regularly (including jazzercising) and TRY to eat so well. I JUST CANNOT WITHSTAND THE EVIL TEMPTATIONS!! How do you stay strong when everyone around you all day is eating mountains of fabulous sugar? How can I get my head, with the fat cheeks and all, to say no to my very conniving tummy? And WHY is it that some people, my hot husband included, can EAT this satan-derived goodness and STILL not look so … cheeky??


JO said...

I doubt you are cheeky! Seriously. You have always been so pretty. I can totally relate. I am a sugar addict (in fact sometimes I eat candy immediately after breakfast.) I told my husband that I think I am addicted to sugar like people are addicted to alcohol. He told me I should wean myself and I told him I didn't want to. When I gain weight it totally shows up in my face.

Becca Lund said...

ooh, when you jazzercise do you wear a leotard with brightly colored tights? I really hope so. And I really hope you bring it with you this weekend.
"Let's get physical -- phy-si-cal."

Plus... we can have a fat cheek contest. I will win, cheeks down.

Laura said...

You ladies have no chance against Shimek cheeks. So I don't even want to hear it. :0)

The Wettstein Family said...

If you find out the secret, let me know.

Mandy said...

give is short, so enojy! :) No need for jazzercise..or any ..cise for that matter! And when you're in town we need to get a big fat sugar cookie and some blue mint!

Catherine said...

I have the same problem - I cannot get used to the fact that I can't eat anything I want and get away with it! And I can't seem to stay away from junk food!