Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fear Factor Ev Style

I have determined that I have been quite the sap in recent postings. I really try to pretend after seeing other's blogs that I'm all cute and normal and exciting. Not the true story. I know, shocker. The fact is, I still wear a helmet to bed. I also have determined I like to take pictures with my nose up and my mouth open. See above.
But, I also like to take pictures with the head down, the double chin out, and the freakiness on. I thought I'd let everyone know that I may be getting really old, as I'm reminded by kids on a daily basis, but I can still throw down yo!! Below you will see me eating an octopus. We went to an Italian dinner with our friends in Little Italy. It was such a traumatic experience that it has taken me awhile to post about. I also have determined that I blog a lot about being old, and it doesn't help that I will enter the UPPER twenties this month. But as for the octopus and all it's danger, eat THAT, old people!!!

Yeah, Yo, this is awesome. I ate an octopus. How is that for a blog story?? Yes, I still need help!!!